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Memories of Burma

You have travel you can’t forget and Burma is this kind of travel. In 2012, this country started to be open to the world, to obtain a visa was quite simple, but the real problem was the currency of this country : the US dollar. There was no cash machine in Burma. So everybody was…

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Memories of Sri Lanka

I remember when we arrived in Sri Lanka, the airport was far from the town Colombo, where we have decided to sleep and booked our hostel. We took a taxi, it was the night, my friend and I were tired by this long travel from India. We have booked the YMCA hostel cause there was…

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Memories of India

India : You love it or you hate it. People used to say. Just before going to India, I prepared myself psychologically at his poverty. I was telling myself : “Vio, you need to be strong, you will see poverty, you will be shocked by what you will see.” Because I am sensitive, emotive, even…

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Memories of Nepal

Nepal, the country of trekking. I had met a traveler in Mongolia, we had traveled together in the Gobi desert, he was in Nepal, so we decided to make a trek together for one week : the Annapurna Base Camp (ABC). We will go for this trek, without guide (by the time it was possible),…

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Memories of China

I remember that obtain my visa was a big adventure! I wasn’t really attracted by this country, but I was curious to see… We were in Oulan Bator and we collected all the papers we need to have to do this chinese visa. I still remember this charming chinese woman at the embassy desk, her…

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Memories of Mongolia

I remember this country for his immensity, his infinite landscapes and his nomadic people. We did one roadtrip in the north near lakes and an other one in the south near the Gobi desert. In the north roadtrip, I remember this feeling to be lost in nature, into the wild, here no road, no internet,…

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Memories of Russia

The 8 of May 2012, I left France for a worldtour, with my backpack and two friends for Russia. I had no idea about Russia, in France we don’t talk a lot about Russia. My target was to go to Mongolia with the famous transsiberian railway. Against all odds, this country surprised me for his…

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